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NEWSFLASH: Calling young people aged 11 and upwards who love to dance. Want to win a one-year scholarship at The College of Dance or Seed Dance Studios and to participate in a professional dance music video?


To enter, watch our upbeat We Connect Malta project music and dance production "Flimkien (Together We Can)" here and create a film (no more than two minutes) inspired by it - showcasing your dance moves.


Send your entry to info@fidem.org.mt by 4th June. Winners will be contacted by 11th June, and announced here and on our social media.


Good luck, and keep dancing!



Who We Are

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela 


The FIDEM Charity Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing support and empowerment opportunities to vulnerable people, particularly women, adolescent girls and children, across Malta and Gozo through life-changing access to education and wellbeing guidance. 


We are passionate about the fundamental right to education for all, and believe in the positive wellbeing benefits of expanding our minds through education.


Our guiding principles are empathy and compassion.  


We are registered in Malta under VO/1613.



What We Do 

We use innovative methods to engage with people from vulnerable backgrounds across Malta and Gozo. Our goal is to empower our participants with the opportunities and tools they need to increase their confidence and to achieve lasting positive change in their lives.


Since our inception in 2018 we have worked with over 340 participants.


Please help us to reach more vulnerable people who need our support by making a donation here.


Educational Access - Educate to Empower Programme

"Education is the only thing no-one can ever take away from you" - Educate to Empower Programme Participant 


The FIDEM Charity Foundation believes in the transformative power of education, and we are committed to enabling women and adolescent girls across Malta and Gozo to access life-changing learning opportunities.


Our Educate to Empower Programme funds educational courses and learning materials such as books and laptops for women and adolescent girls who have found a learning opportunity which would positively impact their future, but cannot currently pursue it without financial support.


We aim to enable our Educate to Empower Programme participants to achieve their career and life goals, and we stand alongside them throughout their educational journey both practically and emotionally to provide fully rounded support. This includes assistance with job placements once they are ready to take their next steps.


We provide access to psychological support services for our participants too if required - enabling them to work on overcoming their emotional and mental wellbeing concerns so that they can focus on their education. 


FIDEM also offers practical support to vulnerable women, adolescent girls and children on an ongoing basis by providing urgently needed computer equipment for learning, educational books, school uniforms and school supplies.


Find out more about our Educate to Empower Programme here


Wellbeing Guidance and Support - "Hear to Help" Helpline

We fund psychological support for vulnerable women who are referred to us within our networks, or who approach us directly for assistance. Our aim is to enable these women to move forward positively with their lives.


In March 2020 we began running our "Hear to Help" Helpline on +356 9932 0977. This helpline was set up to support people who have wellbeing or legal concerns due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their everyday lives, in line with our ethos of supporting the wellbeing of vulnerable people.


If required we refer helpline callers to our partner psychologists for ongoing support with their mental health, or to our partner lawyers for assistance with their legal issues. These are both free services. 


If you are in need of immediate support with your wellbeing, contact the "Hear to Help" Helpline on +356 9932 0977 (open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm). Learn more about the helpline here


We Connect Project

In May 2020 we launched an ambitious new project - a wellbeing platform called We Connect at www.weconnect.org.mt 

We Connect provides a positive, safe online space where people across Malta and Gozo can come together as a community to prioritise their wellbeing and find happiness in every day.


The project also consists of a highly active, thriving We Connect Facebook group of over 5,000 members called We Connect Malta, launched in February 2021. Click here to join the group. 


"I really enjoy this group, it's down to earth, I feel part of it and it helps" - We Connect Participant 


"Thank you... for keeping us safe, mentally sane and physically healthy... an inspiring and encouraging group... and wholesome, holistic family" - We Connect Participant


"I think that this is the best group in Malta!" - We Connect Participant 


Our goal with the We Connect project is to empower our community members with free, unlimited access to a wide range of services, tools and opportunities designed to help with uplifting emotional and mental wellbeing and combatting loneliness. 


We have a team of experts in their fields including psychology (emotional and mental wellbeing), health and fitness, food and nutrition and enriching music and dance who provide free guidance, support, articles, videos, online classes and events on a voluntary basis.


We believe that arts and culture can be beneficial to our overall wellbeing. With this approach in mind, FIDEM has previously supported our participants with access to therapeutic and skills building creative workshops. This approach has now gone online, with We Connect containing a wealth of arts and cultural content, which aims to keep our community inspired, uplifted and fulfilled. 


To find out more about our We Connect project, click here


How We Work

a Purpose Foundation

We believe education is the most valuable asset in life. Our aim is to facilitate educational opportunities for vulnerable groups.


Through educational opportunities, we aim to build the self-esteem and confidence of our participants so they can feel empowered.


Empowered with knowledge, our participants can find their wings and achieve their goals.


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